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Having a right computer network and devices like scanner, printer, server, router, switches and hubs in place is very important to a business. An improperly designed and installed IT system can become a bottleneck in your business and clog you and your employees productivity. Our experience with different businesses like yours shows that IT infrastructures are sometimes installed with a complicated way. They usually work fine, but if some issue arise later, they are very hard to troubleshoot and hence, hard to find a solution too. Therefore, if you find your network infrastructure hard to understand, then your system is definitely complicated and needs simplification. Whatever “professionals” say, we belive that an IT system should be and can be simple and easy to understand. A simplified solution means less overhead, less issues, less maintenance and ultimately less cost. At iSip, we focus on simplified, efficient and cost effective network solutions for you. We provide the following services to make your system running with its full capacity and with least ongoing costs in future:

IT infrastructure planning and design

IT infrastructure planning and designIT infrastructure planning includes assessing your IT need and planning for computing devices and network accordingly. You might have multiple offices to connect to, or need to access your network from home or while travelling overseas. This should be planned properly to enable you to take full advantage of your IT infrastructure you would be investing on.

Knowing what devices you need in place is important, but is not sufficient to get full benefit from it without integrating them together. Therefore, after knowing your requirements it is necessary to design the system so that all the IT components like the datacentre, servers, office computers, laptops, PDAs and mobile phones can work in an integrated manner. iSip can help you to find out your IT needs and provide a complete plan and design for your business.

System installation and auditing

System installation and auditingSeveral studies reveal that although having a right IT infrastructure design is important, business fail to confirm whether their infrastructure is properly installed or not. We provide network installation service as per the design. We also provide auditing service to ensure that your infrastructure is properly install and is not prone to failure with growth.

We also provide an assessment service of your system to ensure that it is properly installed and in case of failure, you do not lose all the data that are the most important part of your business.

Network troubleshooting

Network troubleshootingHave you come to your office one day, and found that nothing is working? Have you got all computers working perfectely, but one computer always runs very slow? We have seen that usually someone in a system make a small change, and the entire network stops working.

We can come and not only troubleshoot your system, but also fix it within hours, so that you do not lose your business due to this down time.


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